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Your Monthly Aromatherapy Horoscope

for September, 2002

by Donna Adams

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"Things seem to be a bit uproarious for most of us in September. Use oils that purify, balance, and bring mental clarity."



After an initial period of necessary solitude, you become a driving force both socially and intellectually. There are questions to be answered and a world to save, but please don't feel that you need to do it all at once! Think before you speak, especially in the presence of influential people.

Useful Oils:
Peppermint - Energy
Sage - Wisdom and knowledge

Begin and end September in solitude in order to maintain an even emotional state, Taurus. Otherwise, you will enjoy being your charismatic self. Mid-month will find you concerned about self and others - and when you want things your way, kindness will carry you far.
Useful Oils:
Geranium & Clary Sage - Balancing
Lavender - Calming

September is a month for Gemini to take care of him/herself - but try to avoid becoming too self-centered, especially at the month's end. Take it easy and let others drive for a while, then return the favor by lending a helping hand..
Useful Oils:
Vanilla - Comforting
Myrtle - Relaxing

Outside forces drag you to and fro in September, Cancer. This can, at times, be used to your advantage though, as the stars guide you into a mid-month period of sly, cunning sharpness. Enjoy the high times and don't sweat the low points - just keep your wits about you and you'll sail safely through.
Useful Oils:
Clary Sage - Balance, uplifting
Sandalwood - Grounding, strength

The Lion might benefit from some solitary time which can be used to rearrange and reorganize before jumping back into the pack for a swinging, adventurous, ambitious and quite likely prosperous September. Have fun but keep it safe.
Useful Oils:
Myrrh - Meditation
Grapefruit - Happiness
Ylang Ylang - Adventurous, alluring

Virgo seems to be subject to the ol' angel on one shoulder and devil on the other this September. Don't worry - this won't hamper your progress, it will simply keep you from stepping too far over the line.
Useful Oils:
Chamomile - Balance, well-being
Spearmint - Clear thinking

You are open-minded and fair, but you don't necessarily hear or say the most desirable (or possibly even right) things in September. That's OK because the creative, intellectual and spiritual growth spurt you experience mid-month will be for the better either way.
Useful Oils:
Clove - Stimulating, clarifying
Neroli - Meditative, uplifting

September could be a power struggle for Scorpio. You are confident, precise, sharp and energetic but can experience periods of indecision or short temper which create personal backlog. Make sure you keep your loved ones appeased as you rack up the accomplishments this month.
Useful Oils:
Juniper - Regulating, energizing
Cistus (Labdanum) - Elevating

Keep your body in shape and your mind will benefit as well. Your mental strength will come in handy for obtaining knowledge and perhaps extra money as well. Try to avoid sending mixed signals or pushing others too hard - you may benefit from letting someone else take the wheel so you can concentrate on you.
Useful Oils:
Spearmint - Mental clarity, energy
Sage - Knowledge, inner self

Outward appearances are important to you in September, but don't go overboard trying to impress - you won't need to try very hard to get noticed. Be outgoing, thorough, fair and spontaneous, and add a touch of introspection at the end of the month to sort yourself out.
Useful Oils:
Grapefruit - Sociability
Eucalyptus - Balancing
Sandalwood - Self awareness

Aquarius will be a hard worker in September. In fact, people and social events might seem like more of a distraction than a pleasure. Your goals and the quest for knowledge will be occupying your mind - and you will have the power to fulfill them!
Useful Oils:
Petitgrain - Mental stimulant
Lime - Refreshing

Distractions affect you easily this month, Pisces. You might have a hard time concentrating or making decisions - seek out some down time or do something uncharacteristic to help shake this rut. The end of the month might find you floundering at work or socially, but you can find the balance that it takes to come out ahead of the situation.
Useful Oils:
Basil - Concentration, clarity
Geranium - Balancing

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