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Top Ten Essential Oils

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  To ensure each of our visitors gains as much information as possible from our site, we have incorporated definitions for much of the terminology used to describe the various effects of essential oils on the body and mind.

Analgesic - Pain relieving

Antibacterial - inhibits bacterial growth

Antibiotic - destroys bacteria

Antidepressant - lifts the mood

Antifungal - inhibits the growth of mold and fungi

Anti-inflammatory - reduces/prevents inflammation

Antiseptic - cleansing, prevents microbe development

Antispasmodic - relieves muscle spasms

Antiviral - destroys certain viruses

Astringent - contracts blood vessels and body tissue

Carminative - reduces intestinal spasms

Decongestant - reduces congestion

Detoxifying - assists the body in getting rid of waste

Diuretic - aids in urine production

Emmenagogue - encourages menstruation

Expectorant - encourages coughing-up of mucus

Fungicide - combats fungal infection

Phototoxic - sun exposure causes skin pigmentation

Sedative - slows down functional activity, calming

Stimulant - has an uplifting effect on the body


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