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Burns are classified in three different severities. First degree burns affect only the outer layer of the skin and cause redness and sensitivity. Second degree burns go deeper into the skin reulting in blistering, acute pain and redness. Third degree burns destroy the thickness of the skin and possibly the underlying tissues. Surprisingly, third degree burns, despite their severity, have little or no pain assoiciated with them because the nerves in the skin have been severely damaged.

Essential Oils Suggested for Treatment:


Suggestions for Use:
  • Add ten drops of essential oil to the bath and soak for fifteen minutes
  • Dab the area with a couple of drops of essential oil placed on a cotton ball
  • Use a cold compress by soaking a cloth in cold water and adding approximately 2-5 drops of essential oil. Hold the compress on the affected area for approximately 15 minutes to relieve pain and swelling

A third degree burn requires immediate medical attention. Do not attempt to treat the injury yourself.

Watch for signs of infection (odor, puss) and contact your health care practitioner if infection appears to be present.


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