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  A World of Aromatherapy offers both its advertisers, and retail listings one of the strongest values available in online marketing today. As one of the fastest growing alternative health networks, we understand the nature of the internet, and use our experiences to maximize your level of exposure, and ultimately your success. Opportunities are available to suit all budgets, and are currently available in these categories:

Site Sponsorships Store Listings

For more detailed information on each of these marketing packages, either click on the link above, or see below.

Site Sponsorship:

Site sponsorship provides the ultimate level of exposure to the A World of Aromatherapy visitor, with button ad placement on each of the over 150 pages comprising our site. Placement is limited to a maximum of four advertisers at any one time, guaranteeing each sponsor the full attention of our guests. Our current sponsorship rates are as follows:

Total Cost
Cost per Month
One month
Three month
One year

Advertiser Guidelines at A World of Aromatherapy:

  • button ads only, 120 x 60
  • maximum file size of 11 kb
  • all packages must be prepaid
  • all advertising requests will be reviewed prior to acceptance and publication
  • only sites of value to the A World of Aromatherapy visitor will be considered

To further discuss the sponsorship opportunity with the team at A World of Aromatherapy, please contact us via the following email address:


Include your site address, the location of your banner url, as well as the timeframe you are interested in. Once we have reviewed your application, as well space availability, we will respond promptly with instructions for making secure online payment for your chosen package.

List Your Store on A World of Aromatherapy:

The key to success with any online venture is a strong marketing plan. Marketing to the masses alone is not sufficient - to acquire new customers in a fiscally sensible manner requires the targeting of visitors with a known interest in your product lines.

Enter A World of Aromatherapy. Our visitors have a clearly defined set of needs and wants. Listing on our site places your online venture in the position to satisfy those needs, while enhancing the ability of your business to succeed.

Following are the listing packages currently available to retailers interested in the proven exposure offered by a feature on A World of Aromatherapy:

To add your store to our Aromatherapy Shopping pages, simply choose your preferred package above. You will be automatically transferred to the retailer area where you can read additional details on the package inclusives, as well as guidelines and instructions on how to submit and make payment for your listing.

Additional Information:

If you have any additional questions regarding any of the packages noted above, or would like to discuss partnership opportunities outside our standard offerings, please feel free to contact our marketing group at:


We will respond to all inquiries in a timely fashion. Thank you for your interest in A World of Aromatherapy.


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