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Summer Pleasures by Donna Pankiw

Few things can equal the delight of walking through a fragrant garden at this time of year. They come in all types, shapes and sizes, and none of that matters. What is important is that we appreciate it for what it is and what it brings to our lives.

Take the example of an herb garden. Some herbs flower, some don't. Some have culinary value, while others are more suited to medicinal use. Then there is the issue of fragrance or smell. There is such a range from sweet to bitter to light to stong.

One of the best marketing tools I have seen recently was in a garden shop, with small, strategically placed signs among a wide variety of potted herbs. The signs read, "Please Touch Me". And touch them, they did.

Customers couldn't resist the temptation, the invitation if you will, seemingly made by the plants themselves. Best of all, the experience rewarded all the participants. The plants certainly received their fair share of attention, and the vendor sold a great number of them, but it was the patrons who received the most benefit.

You see, they were given a complete sensory experience. One in which they could see the beauty of the plants, touch the foliage and smell the traces of essential oil the plant had left on their palms as a gift. For those who were "just looking" the experience gave them exposure to the wonderful world of herbs, although many a customer took more than one home with them, allowing them to enjoy the plants for the rest of the season and in years to come.

What about a vegetable garden? The colorful flowers on plants such as tomato and zuchinni remind us we will soon partake of their gifts as well. (And then try to figure out what we will do with all of them when a bumper crop strikes!) Although there will be many long days ahead freezing, canning and baking our bounty at the end of the season, for now, we can take pleasure in watching the vegetable garden transform itself from the seed we planted not all that long ago.

Perhaps the most acknowledged feature in the summer, plant wise, is the flower garden. Row upon row of annuals, biennials, and perennials line up and fill the formerly empty beds in front of houses, office buildings, parks and retail spaces. The colors, shapes, textures and of course the scents, are outstanding. They beckon us to come near, offering yet another opportunity for us to appreciate the wonder of nature.

This summer, make the most of these opportunities. Take the time now to observe and enjoy all the gifts that summer brings, because before you know it, fall will be here with a whole new set of sensory delights!


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