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An Aromatherapy Christmas - Holiday Recipes

Assembled by Staff Writers

Christmas is a season of sharing, a time for family, and of course, for memories - visions from our past, entwined gently with the creation of the new. Memories that will be taken forward to future holiday seasons, shared again and again, with equal joy, and wonder.

These beautiful memories, and the many traditions that surround them, lie in the midst of many experiences, not the least of which are the special aromas that infuse, and transform this season into the magical, and unforgettable.

Invite the wonder of aromatherapy into your home this Christmas, through your own creations, the rebirth of traditions not yet forgotten, or by using the suggestions offered by our many readers, who are clearly passionate about this special holiday:

Christmas Ornaments with a Spicy Twist

Combine the following ingredients, and mix thoroughly:

1 cup cinnamon

1 tablespoon cloves
1 tablespoon nutmeg
1/2 cup applesauce
1 tablespoon sparkle stars
2 tablespoon white glue

Once combined, roll out and cut shapes using preformed cutters, or hand trimming. Don't forget to make holes so that they can be placed in your tree, or elsewhere around the home. They will take 3 to 4 days to dry, and should be turned regularly during this process. Get the kids involved in this spicy tradition!

The Three Wise Men Blend

Here's a mix created as a connection from our family to the history of the holiday. It's become a truly special part of our Christmas tradition:

15 drops of Lemon oil
15 drops of Juniper Berry oil
30 drops of Frankincense oil
30 drops of Myrrh oil
10 drops of Cedarwood oil

An Aromatherapy Tree in Every Room

The smell of a freshly cut Christmas tree can instantly take one into the heart of the season. The blend below recreates this special scent, allowing us to enjoy it in places a tree would just never go!

10 drops Fir Needle oil
10 drops Spruce oil
10 drops Cedarwood oil
10 drops Juniper oil

Try this special mixture in your favorite room diffuser to enjoy it's wondrous aroma anywhere you need it!

Aromatic Firestarter Cones

Giving to someone with a love for their fireplace? Try these aromatherapy firestarters, sure to please:

What you'll need:
Pine cones
Candle wax
Orange oil
Cedarwood oil
Juniper oil

Melt an appropriate amount of wax in a double boiler, taking great caution to avoid overheating - read all the instructions prior to using!

Once liquefied, remove the wax from heat, allowing it to cool slightly. Mix several drops of each essential oil into the mixture. One by one, dip in the pine cones, and set aside to dry. Consider sprinkling with pine needles as a fragrant accent.


For each of us, the 'scents of the season' are different, stemming from a wide range of family experiences and traditions. What remains the same for us all is that the scents play an immense role in our awareness that the season is here, creating the enthusiasm, and childlike excitement that only Christmas can bring!

Happy holidays to all of you!

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