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Planting an Aromatic Summer Garden

By Staff Writers

With the snow quickly fading from our yards and our memories, and our focus on the frozen returning to more positive chillers like ice cream & slurpees, it would seem that spring has been sprung upon us.

While we soak up the season, and all of its wonders, many of us will begin to plan out our summer gardens, both those from which we intend to harvest, and those serving other, more ethereal needs.

Whether you tend towards a well organized and thought out seedling propagation, or respond spur of the moment to the annuals available at your local nursery, garden arrangements are a superb way of beautifying your home, while maintaining an important connection between you, and your planet.

Many gardens are organized based on plant size, and even more commonly, coloration. Many gardeners target that visual 'pop' that defines beauty and individuality from their personal viewpoint, giving them many hours of joy throughout the summer months.

Another way of drawing pleasure from your garden is to consider plantings specifically for their aromatic elements. Most of us recognize the wondrous scents that emanate from our summer gardens as one of their most significant values, but how many of plant specifically to achieve those scents - in many cases, they are but a beautiful surprise.

To add abundant aromas to your garden's flavor this summer, we've assembled a listing of some plantings that are sure to add some special touches to your garden - one that you will be able to appreciate throughout the summer, and for years to come. Consider the following aromatic plantings, and create your own feast of nature:


The fragrances created by this popular herb add flavor to your garden, and to your cooking. Green basils provide some handsome leaves; or experiment with the Spicy Globe, glossy Genovese, and burly lemon. Some basils provide some intriguing purple hues - the smoky color of 'Osmin' for example. Basil, as is true with many herb plantings, longs to be touched. Rub the leaves gently, and experience the true range of aromas these herbs are capable of bringing to your garden, and your table.


Add the refreshing aroma of citrus to your garden. Consider the popular Valencia tree for years of aromatic pleasure.


This herb provides a robust licorice scent to your garden. Fennel is also said to invite valuable insect varieties that will serve your other plantings well.


Ever popular Lavender is available in a wide range of varieties, all of which provide a scent experience that lets you know summer has arrived.

Mexican Orange

Plant a row of these puffy and wonderfully scented shrubs. Their flowers are especially fragrant on warm afternoons and evenings, and work beautifully with a property fence.

Night Bloomers

Consider night bloomers like Moonflower or Nicotiana Sylvestris around your favorite after hours spot - who says garden enjoyment need be limited to daylight...


Thyme has been a popular herbal planting for many years. The creeping variety is said to be wonderful for placement between paving stones. Lemon and lime varieties add a special 'touchable scent' experience to your garden.


Plant this highly popular scent, (recently popularized in the Zen Garden line of Tea Tree & Verbena products), and prepare for an olfactory event. Most known for its lemon variety, check with your local nursery for other special options available.

Scented Vines

If looking to create cover, why not add the element of scent, through the use of any one of these popular scented vines - Honeysuckle, Jasmine, or the ever popular climbing rose. Wisteria is also a fantastic spring bloomer that can get your summer off on the right foot!


No, we're not suggesting water as a planting for your garden (although there's no arguing the special scents available only after a warm summer rain!), but for many of us, a soothing water feature has become the must have garden element of the year. Heading that direction? If so, consider adding some day blooming water lilies, sure to make your daily refuge even more special.

Be sure to take some risks as you develop your garden's personality - there are no mistakes in gardening, merely experiences that you decide to take forward another year. Allow yourself plenty of time, and some room for joyful experimentation so that you may develop a garden that is reflective of you, through its visual strengths, and its aromatic offerings. Every garden holds its surprises - we hope you are able to unearth the secrets buried within your own. Happy planting!



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