January 15 , 2002

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This month's feature article, entitled Aromatherapy Energetics - An Oriental Approach, is a wonderful study of eastern medicine's perspective on the effects of this popular alternative treatment. With a range of information on the use of specific oils for particular conditions, the article by Gabriel Mojay has a little something for everyone...

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Aromatherapy - An Oriental Approach       by Gabriel Mojay

Marguerite Maury was one of aromatherapy’s foremost pioneers. She was a woman whose profound understanding of people made her realize that the mysterious qualities of an individual are inseparable from their unique ones. It is not surprising, therefore, that she, too, turned to the East in search of an intuitive and naturalistic way of comprehending the human spirit.

It may at first sight seems strange to apply to aromatherapy (a therapeutic approach that seems so distinctly European) the theories of an ancient medical tradition that originated in China. That is, until we reflect that vital energy, whether we we call it Qi or Dynameis, is as universal to humanity as are aromatic plants to the planet...

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Recipe of the Month:

Ashli writes:

"When I finish showering and turn off the water, I put about 8 drops of black spruce oil in my hands and rub it all over, especially on my neck and back. I let it stay on for about a minute, breathing the aroma, letting it awaken my mind while it improves my breathing and circulation. Then I rinse quickly with cool water. The scent is fresh, invigorating and it lifts the spirit!"

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Oil of the Month:

Juniper oil is known for its analgesic, astringent, and diuretic qualities. It is said to be cleansing and refreshing, with a sweet, woody scent.

Juniper oil is said to be useful in the treatment of acne, cellulite, dermatitis, eczema, and general muscle aches and pains.

To read more about Juniper oil, click here.

Did You Know?

Aromatherapy has also been used for many centuries in India...

Ayurveda, the traditional medical system of India, uses dried and fresh herbs, as well as aromatic massage as important aspects of treatment.

To read more about the history of aromatherapy, go here.

To read more about Ayurveda, a system of healing, go here.

This Month's Winner:

Congratulations to this month's subscriber prize draw winner: Janis of Minot, North Dakota

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