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Volume 5; Issue 2

The Editor's Corner -- April 16, 2005

Welcome to our latest edition of Aromatherapy News!

In this month's edition:

Featured Article - Planning Your Aromatic Summer Garden
Good Health Article - Going Vegetarian - All or Nothing?
Sponsor - Yogic Slim - the help you need, quickly & naturally
Essential Oil of the Month - Verbena, Verbena officinalis
Aromatherapy in the Kitchen - Posole, A Mexican Soup
The Aromatherapy Room - Forum & Chat

Welcome to the latest edition of Aromatherapy News!

This month's edition is dedicated to the long awaited arrival of Spring, and to the Summer surely just around the bend...

Our featured article speaks to our enthusiasm for the season, inviting each of you to enjoy some summer plantings that focus on adding an aromatic flair to your garden! For a garden sure to stand out, read though the recommended plantings assembled for you by our staff writers!

Get out there and experience the day, everyone - and while you're at it, why not have an ice cream!

Until early summer,

The Aromatherapy News Editors
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Our Featured Article
Planting your Aromatic Summer Garden
assembled by staff writers

With the snow quickly fading from our yards and our memories, and our focus on the frozen returning to more positive chillers like ice cream & slurpees, it would seem that spring has been sprung upon us.

While we soak up the season, and all of its wonders, many of us will begin to plan out our summer gardens, both those from which we intend to harvest, and those serving other, more ethereal needs.

Whether you tend towards a well organized and thought out seedling propagation, or respond spur of the moment to the annuals available at your local nursery, garden arrangements are a superb way of beautifying your home, while maintaining an important connection between you, and your planet...

read the entire article on planning an aromatic summer garden >>>


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Good Health Article Link
Going Vegetarian - It Doesn't Have to be All or Nothing
by Melanie Mendelson

Many people contemplate becoming a vegetarian at one point or another. Some consider a meatless diet because they feel sorry for the animals. Others think a vegetarian way of eating will improve their health. However, out of those well-intentioned people very few actually follow through and change their way of eating.

The idea of completely giving up meat forms a big stumbling block for most. For some reason, when it comes to vegetarian cooking, most people only see the "extremist" approach: either give up meat completely or you might as well include the meat in every meal.

This "all or nothing" thinking becomes a mental barrier that keeps a lot of people from eating more vegetarian meals...

read the entire article at >>>


  Essential Oil of the Month  


Latin: Verbena officinalis
Scent: Floral, woody
Restorative, sedative, anti inflammatory

Stress relief, anxiety, digestion, insomnia

General Overview:

Verbena is a highly popular plant, from whom several species are extensively cultivated for the great beauty of their flowers, as well as the value of their relatively expensive oil.

Verbena means sacred boughs and plants used medicinally.

Long considered a magical herb, Verbena was used by the Greeks, the Romans, and the Druids, in their sacred rites.

Verbena is also a traditional herbal medicine ingredient in both China and Europe. A tea has commonly been used as a nerve tonic, to treat insomnia and to help digestion.

Featured Aromatherapy in the Kitchen Recipe

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Posole is a traditional Mexican soup that is warming to both the palate, and the soul...

1 onion, chopped
1 head garlic, whole, unpeeled
2 bay leaves
1 chicken, cut into serving pieces
2 lb pork shoulder, cut into serving pieces
1 can hominy
1 can red enchilada sauce
shredded cabbage
radish slices
minced onion
lemon wedges

In a large stockpot, place the onion, garlic, bay leaves, chicken, and pork and fill with water to about five inches from the top. Bring to a boil, then reduce heat to medium, and cook until the meat is cooked, about 30 minutes. Drain the hominy and add to the pot. When the hominy is tender, add the enchilada sauce and salt to taste. Simmer for 5 to 10 minutes. Carefully remove the head of garlic. Ladle the soup into large bowls and garnish with shredded cabbage, radish slices, minced onion and a wedge of lemon. Serve with warm corn tortillas.

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 Did You Know

Verbena's value as a digestive oriented herbal ingredient has recently been elevated during its use in the treatment of those suffering from Crohn's disease!

For more information on the use of essential oils, go here.

 Recipe of the Month

"I found a bunch of traditional perfume recipes online, and wanted to provide you with one of my favorites:

Verbena Oil Perfume -

- 1/2 pint cologne alcohol

- 1/8 ounce Verbena oil

- 20 drops Lavender oil

- 20 drops Bergamot oil

Hope your readers enjoy!'

Thanks to Sally for her research!

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