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Soap Making for Aromatherapists

by Donna Adams

Let's face it: we love the idea of Aromatherapy soap but can't always trust that what we find in the stores is true aromatherapy, or even natural or beneficial at all.

Reading the ingredient label would certainly help - however, there often is no ingredient label due to loose FDA guidelines - anything labeled as "soap" is assumed to contain oils and lye, and is not required to list all of its ingredients if it makes no specific health claims.

So what do we do? We can trust that our local health food store will carry some brand or another that lists its ingredients and is trustworthy, and pay the hefty price tag - or the industrious among us may venture to make our own soap. The result is well worth the effort...

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Today's Member Suggestion:

As summer approaches, I was reminded of a serious case of sunburn I managed to get last season.

A friend recommended a tepid bath with a few drops of Lavender added in. I was skeptical, but found the suggestion truly amazing in the amount of relief it brought me. Give it a try!

Thanks to Jamie for her suggestion!

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